September 17, 2010

Up and going early today, a lot going on. First to Middlefield to bring Meagan to a babysitting job, then return home to study.

Sent Trish, Meagan, and Hannah Ring off to Peniel Bible Camp for the Ladies’ Retreat.

Study. Emails.

Pizza with the family for dinner (Friday night tradition!). Played chess with Josiah—now that’s an entertaining evening folks, let me tell you. He is improving—not only in his chess skills, but being able to sit through a game! 🙂 With a little [heh heh] help we came to a draw.

While waiting for Trisha’s parents to arrive (they’re coming out to help Trisha’s brother in Warren pack tomorrow for his move), Lydia really wanted to see them, but was falling asleep. Her solution: “Daddy, could I just sleep on the couch and then you wake me up when they get here?” Cute! We tried to wake her up, but she was out!

I’ve been meditating on 2 Corinthians 6 since I read it this morning. “In everything” Paul experienced (vv. 4-10) he sought to commend (demonstrate, prove, show) himself as a servant of God (v. 4). That is so the opposite of how we too often live—for our own comfort, ease, pleasure, promotion, etc. It’s definitely a practical (and convicting) thing to try to think about and put into practice—“while I am doing/experiencing/feeling this, am I demonstrating and proving that I am servant of the Lord?

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