September 18, 2010

Today Andy and I helped Trisha’s brother, Dan, pack his truck up for their move to PA. I’m thankful for the good weather! We’ve personally moved in just about every kind—including a snow storm! When we moved from Michigan to Ohio 5 ½ years ago, we unloaded our truck on a Saturday night in April when we got 20” of snow!!! “Welcome to Northeast Ohio, Greenfields!”

Anyway, today’s labor reminded me of this: I don’t like moving (we’ve done it 7 times so far), and I have absolutely no desire or inclination to move from my present home. As much as I would love to buy my own farm (note—I said “buy my own farm,” not “buy the farm,” heh heh), the thought of moving all the junk we’ve amassed over the last 20 years together is frightening (especially the stuff up in the attic).

When we moved from MI to OH we couldn’t fit everything in our moving truck, so we left a lot there for the new owners of the home we sold—I called it our “heave offering” 🙂

Took Josiah and Lydia to the community park and played with them for awhile. Got the community center ready for services tomorrow. Made waffles for dinner. Gave Lydia her bath. Welcomed my wife and daughter home from camp!!!

Final preparations for services tomorrow, then off to bed. A full day!

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