September 21, 2010

Drove out to Middlefield for supplies.

Trying to print copies of literature for mailings with this printer can be a real test of patience. It frequently doesn’t pick up the paper in the feeder, going through a whole cycle of attempts, before it beeps and says “no paper.” I have to press “OK” and then go through the whole thing again. When you’ve got 270 pages to print, and this happens every couple of sheets, it really tests your patience. Trying to look at this as an opportunity to grow.

Worked on our gospel CD while pressing “OK” on the printer. Thankfully finished it! It’s amazing the things a small country church can do these days with technology. Granted, it takes some time for non-techie people like myself to figure things out, but if you persevere and keep trying you’ll figure out a way. If you’re interested you can listen to it here:

Finished printing all three literature items (810 pieces, front and back of both–a lot of ink!).

After dinner Josiah, Lydia, and I took a walk back through the creek and the woods. Beautiful evening. Sat in the backyard with Trish. Played chess with Josiah again. Read my History of the Amish book.

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