September 23, 2010

Today got off to a rousing start, reading Psalm 72, which poses some good challenges to one’s hermeneutic. The meaning is plain enough—Solomon asks God to bless the centerpiece of His work in that day and age, Israel: its king, land, people, and bring non-Israelites into subjection to it. The challenge comes in applying it to our day and age! As we are not under the Mosaic Law/Covenant, we don’t have the promises Israel did—if we obey God, he will bless us with good crops, abundance, peace, etc. Yet, 2 Timothy 3:16-17 says that all Scripture is profitable. So, here’s my initial shot at applying this psalm in a manner (hopefully) consistent with the rest of God’s revelation (namely, the New Testament): As Solomon prayed for God’s blessing on every aspect of Israel, I must pray for God’s blessing on every aspect of the church.

We read Genesis 7 for our family devotions this morning, and then I spent my time for prayer at my favorite cemetery (I’ve already instructed my family to bury my earthly remains there). Worked on Sunday morning’s message from John 2:13-25.

Printed copies of our newest prayer booklet, then wrote a quick little letter/poem to Ashley before the mail went out. Worked on Sunday morning sermon. Took care of a few more last minute things for the Men’s Retreat.

We had our good friend Jason Hunsicker over for dinner and a campfire. Later collated our the prayer booklet and then worked up and printed next month’s Daily Scripture and Bible Reading Guide.

Don’t be looking for a journal post tomorrow night–I’ll be at Peniel Bible Camp!

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